MV International (MVI) is a network of 21 European NGOs, 4 European organizations candidate to membership and 6 associate organizations from Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal and Uganda), Latin America (Argentina) and Asia (India) aimed at promoting participatory planning between NGOs fostering the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of European design.

The European Non Governmental Organization [ENGO] MV International [MVI] is a nonprofit “association of organisations” that cultivates social involvement, initiates (training) events and directs community building activities towards inclusive, sustainable and reflective societies.

Established in 2012, MVI is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 21 member organizations, international NGOs and public/private sector stakeholders.

The ENGO promotes participatory planning aligned to the 2020 priorities of the European Union (or thematic programmes of the United Nations) as well as related knowledge and best-practices exchange among professionals in the field of Social Innovation.

Activities carried out by its professionals, members and volunteers involve ‘joint’: policy studies; thematic research; regional surveys, proposal elaborations, project implementation, networking / training events – and more – the term ENGO defines the European design of the Network.

The ENGO MVI functions therefore as a global platform, open to stake-holding organisations and individuals with special expertise in the fields of  Social Entrepreneurship, Non Formal Education and Sustainability.

The ENGO is coordinated through its headquarters based in Sassari (Italy).

Well connected to international network of NGOs, public and private sector stakeholders, today thousands individual supporters and members represent a diverse and dynamic group of people active within the above mentioned fields of interest of the ENGO-MVI.

Why have an European Design?

European Design is needed in order to promote/encaurage/develop social entrepreneurship, sustainability and job creation, but its not the main focus of the professionals, representing MVI member organisations.

The ENGO’s ncubating spearpoints are:

EU project design/activiities

Training/exchange programmes

Policy-making/advocacy efforts.

Apart from related dissemination activities, MVI where present takes also a full role in the public debate on civil society engagement in ENGO’s topics of interest – and strives to influence policies in these areas. Additionally it connects (vocational / young) professionals and small enterprises to address unemployment to facilitate and stimulate (new / inclusive) value chains.

ENGO-MVI encourages pro-activity and participation of its members, with a focus on activities that relate to social entrepreneurship; green jobs; non formal education; freedom and cultural understanding.

MV International is accredited as international NGO network for applying for European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.